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Video BAR that skyrockets conversions & sales instantly

With the PRO version, we’ve added an amazing looking VIDEO BAR that can host a few more elements that will skyrocket results for you. Pick any color for you bar, select opacity and transparency, Control the size & placement of the bar – its fully customizable to get you the most results.

Add Your Branding/Logo to the Video Bar

Add your own branding to your video bar with the option to add a logo on it and remind your visitors of your product or your brand everywhere they go on your page. This is very powerful.

Add a Catchy Headline + Subheadline (scarcity/urgency?)

Nothing gets you more sales and results than having a catchy headline or sub-headline that is visible all the time and drives visitors to take action. Not only that, you can pick from 100s of Google fonts, select any text color, size and style for your headline/sub-headline and add a lot more marketing buzz, attract more eyeballs to your site.

Add Custom HTML Code to the Video Bar

You’re not limited to adding just headlines on the video bar. We wanted you to be able to do a lot more so Once with VidEngage PRO you can even add HTML Content to the Video Bar – so whether you want to add opt-in forms or a countdown timer or any additional HTML code or images… you can simply paste it and it will show up when your visitors scroll down the page.

In-Place Maximize and Minimize

This is a very cool feature that is a favorite of some of the top marketers who saw this early. With VID ENGAGE PRO your visitors can also MAXIMIZE the video at any place on the page. So even if they are half way down the page and the video shows something important, they can instantly maximize the video and see what is being shown without having to go back up. Now isn’t that cool?

1-Click Edit from Central Dashboard

All settings for the Video Bar across all your sites can be configured right from our online central dashboard and even after you have added the code to your pages, if you change settings in our software, the changes will automatically reflect on your sites, you wont have to add the code again and again. That is called ease of use.

All these and MANY more features are built into VidEngagePRO – make more money from your sites by just adding this unique software and you’re guaranteed to get better results.

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